Name:81879134 New Holland Oil Filter

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81879134 New Holland Oil Filter

81879134, 86605897, P551297, LF3861 , 86980031, SP5189, W950/1, BT292, 1931172, LF708, 6002115213, PP111A, W950, W95017, W950.17, W950/17, 80824198, 9575317, 06258593, 68016093, PE68016093, A-184775 ,A-44081 , A-58672, 1447031M1, PMLF4154, 60/97-45, R9Y-4476, 9Y-4482, 9Y-4483 , 9Y-4489 , 9Y-4490 , 9Y-4504

New Holland

TM: TM110, TM115, TM120, TM125, TM130, TM135, TM140, TM150, TM165, TM180

TS: TS120

10 SERIES: 7010, 8010

10S SERIES: 5610S, 6610S, 6810S, 7610S, 7810S

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FIAT: G170, G190, G210, G240

AL: AL59

CL: CL560

CS: CS520, CS540, CS640, CS660

CX COMBINES: CX720, CX740, CX760, CX780, CX820, CX840, CX860, CX880

LAVERDA: AL519, L411, L413, L416, L516

TC: TC52, TC54, TC56

TF: TF76, TF78


TX: TX30, TX32, TX34, TX36, TX62, TX63, TX64, TX65, TX66, TX67, TX68

LX: LX985


675: 675 TA/AB, 675 TA/CA, 675 TA/CB

AGROFIL is a worldwide quality manufacturer of New Replacement Filter for JOHN DEERE, CASE NEW HOLLAND and JCB .At AGROFIL, we not only offer you premium filters but also exceptional service, outstanding savings and the support you need to get your order quickly and accurately.

For CASE NEW HOLLAND ,we develop and produe more than 300 items filter for tractors(JX CS CVX MX T3000 T5000 T7000 etc) ,combine harvest(TC5000 CX5/6000 CX8000 etc) ,cotton picker(420 630 etc) and Sugar Cane Harvester(A4000 A8000 etc)

If you need any CASE NEW HOLLAND filters ,we will be the best supplier for you ,our company have ISO9001:2000 certificate and each year we export 200x40HQ containers filter to UK ,BRAZIL ,USA ,ZAMBIA ,TURKEY etc .


1.AGROFIL offer all the new replace filter for John Deere. Many filter sellers specialise in just one type of filters. We do not,We offer all types of filters for John Deere such as air filters, oil filters, fuel filters and hydraulic filters .

2.We have 5000SQM warehouse keep 50 000 filters on stock. 90% of all orders are delivered in 7 days basis in Asia.

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